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Baking Soda & Turmeric & Acv - Help, Tips, How To?

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Hi, i am new here and i am having a little problem with finding how to use Baking Soda, Turmeric och ACV for skin care, ex for treating red marks left from acne, dark spots, acne and as a exfoliator/scrub

I would really appriciate if someone could write step by step how to use them.

1. Baking Soda - Do i use this as an exfoliator/scrub? Or as an mask,? Or is it used for treating pimples? How do i use it?

2. Turmeric - Ive heard this is used for treating dark spots, red marks etc. Do i use it as an mask? Do i wash it off or leave it on my skin? How do i use it?

3. Apple Cider Vinegar - Do i use this as an cleanser? Do i wash it off or leave it on my skin? Is this for treating red marks or acne? How do i use it?

There may be many topics regarding this, but im having problems with my connection when am trying to search for those 3 products :S


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I don't have any experience with Tumeric, have tried ACV full strength as a spot treatment and only saw irritation. My recent experience with using baking soda on my 14 year old son's acne was positive though! Here's what I did: I made a paste of baking soda and water, applied to the blemished area by dabbing it gently, not rubbing it at all. It stung a little and he rinsed it off after 5 minutes. We did this at night and the area had significatly dried up and was further along in the healing process the next morning. He has Acne Vulgaris, so I can only speak for this type of acne. You could give this a try on a small area and see if you get some results. I was very impressed.

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I use baking soda as an exfoliant in the shower after cleansing. Make it into a paste and gently scrub your skin. don't do this over active acne though. I use it for red marks. It is basic so in order to regulate the pH of your skin apply a very diluted solution of acv w/water. I do about 1:8 solution 1 part acv to 8 parts water. Apply with cotton pad and leave on for 15 mins and then rinse with cool water. That's what I have been doing and I have seen improvements. I take turmeric internally rather than topically because it stains your face. I would also suggest a manuka honey mask for acne and scars/marks. Hope this helps.

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Hi! I signed up just to answer your question. I am also currently trying to get rid of a bunch of red hyperpigmentation on my cheeks, so I know what you're going through. I have only used baking soda on my face about once or twice, once I mixed it with my cleanser to act as an exfoliant. But besides that, I don't know much. Turmeric, however, is something I'm a little more experienced with. Dvw1986 said turmeric will stain your skin but it does not! I have very pale skin with pink undertones and I have been using turmeric a lot in the past few weeks. All I do it mix it with some honey and spread it over my face! It is really that simple. It's important to use raw honey and not just any 2 dollar honey you find at the grocery store. I don't measure how much honey/turmeric I use (I prob should) but I kind of just guesstimate. I would say I use about a teaspoon or so of honey and about half or less of a teaspoon of turmeric. Mix this together and spread evenly over your face, concentrating on areas with red marks. If you don't have honey on hand you can always do this with a tiny bit of water. Just mix some water and turmeric until you have a paste-like substance. I would say you can leave turmeric on your face for about 5-15 minutes. I've left it on for as long as half and hour and yes, I have noticed my face will look a LITTLE yellow. This does go away though after I rinse well and use a toner. I have noticed a decrease in overall facial redness and some fading of marks as well. Try it and let me know how it goes! Good luck!

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