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Man I Wish I Knew What I Did

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So I suffered from acne forever. I'm 24 now. From the ages of 23 to 24, I was clear, my redness and PIH was gone, and I had minor scarring. I was so handsome, and really happy. The craziest part was that I didn't do shit.

I was clear all last year, and all I did was wash my face twice a day. I ate whatever I wanted, smoked when I wanted, drank when I wanted, whatever.

Now this past November, I had a huge breakout, like it hit me all at once. I went to the derm, and he gave me epiduo and doxy. I stayed on the doxy, and I quit the epiduo after 2 tries.

My shit's pretty healed, but the PIH i have is a disaster. Right now I exfoliate everyday using Salycilic Acid, and then I apply olive oil to moisturize for the night. It's working pretty well.

I just wish I could remember what it was that I was doing, or wasn't doing that helped my redness so much before. At any rate maybe it was just time. I'm switching up and adding so much shit, that I'm starting to believe it's just time.

Patience is a virtue.

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So after a little research, I found out why my PIH is so much stronger now, and I'm such an idiot.

For about 2 weeks, I used BP religiously, 10%, and I never put on sunscreen. I've never been sun burnt in my life, so I said the hell with a sunscreen. On top of that, I didn't even moisturize either. 2 Weeks of BP 10% without moisturizer/sunscreen and now I'm facing 2 years of damage. Fuck. Learn from my mistakes.

Here on out it's cover up and time.

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Yes. Sunscreen is one of the most important steps in your daily routine, regardless if you're on BP, Accutane, etc. Dan's site REALLY needs to find a sunscreen because people don't see it as part of the regimen. The ingredients for sunscreen make it hard to stay acne-friendly, which is likely why he still has no sunscreen of his own.

Lumiplexion has an excellent acne-friendly sunscreen that I've used for many years. It has an SPF 30. I've only ever not broke out with two sunscreens, Lumiplexion and Eucerin's. Unfortunately, Eucerin stopped making that sunscreen several years ago when they dropped their acne line.

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Hey, I'm currently on Salicylic Acid and oil moisturizer too. It's been working really well so far. Using Oil on the face is probably the best thing you can do in the long run, and I think that Olive Oil has natural sunscreen properties. I also agree, the key to any successful regimen is ample time and not picking your face.

Good luck.

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