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I Really Need A Good Skin-Care Regime.

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I currently have moderate-to-mild acne, and some bad red acne scars around my face. I currently only use a daily cleanser every morning, as well as a moisturizer but that's about it. I don't use any other products. Are there any products that I should also buy to help nourish my skin and keep it vibrant and healthy, and to help possibly fight off the acne a bit and make it a bit better? Like, face masks, or something? what would be a good idea?

Somebody said I should exfoliate my skin twice a week, and I'm not really familiar with that, and I don't think I've ever done it. Are there any good "exfoliating" products that I should buy?

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Lumiplexion makes a salicylic medicine that you put on after washing your face. It goes on like a toner with a cotton ball. It helps exfoliate your skin and helps to clear acne. It does contain alcohol but it is not drying to me.

Another suggestion if your acne is mild enough is just to buy some Acne-Free toner pads with salicylic acid and use one of those after each time you wash. Stridex has fragrance so i don't recommend.

If you have acne at all, just washing and moisturizing is not going to get rid of the issue. You need to treat.

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Everyone's skin is different. I'm currently suffering what I hope is the tail-end of a massive breakout, which I believe resulted from continued use of a salicylic acid product. I'm not sure if it was an ingredient in the product or overuse of the product, but I started breaking out almost immediately after I first used it, and I allowed the breakout to become worse and worse, thinking that it was just "purging". I gave it a month and a half and then I decided to stop using it. It's been almost three weeks since then, and my skin seems to be gradually healing. Currently I'm washing my face with Purpose Gentle Cleanser and mildly exfoliating with a soft washcloth in the shower, then putting Skin Trip moisturizer on afterward. At night, I wash again with the cleanser and that's it. My skin, while suffering still from inflammation of all the clogged pores I've acquired over the past couple of months, seems to be balancing itself out at least somewhat.

I think a good cleanser, proper moisturizing (extremely important), and, if needed, a mild exfoliant and antimicrobial work well to keep skin under control. Proper moisturizing is so important, as it keeps the skin regulated and healthy and more able to fend off infection. I dried out my skin terribly while using the aforementioned product and I think my skin handled it very poorly. Overuse of an exfoliant is also to be avoided, as it tended to strip my skin beyond what it should have.

Skincare is very individual, though. I would experiment, and if something does not seem to be working for you after a week or two, most importantly if it seems to be making your skin worse, quit. But do not dry your skin out of bombard it with too many products in a short time! Your skin is not mine but again, I've learned that proper moisturizing and avoiding overexfoliation is crucial to maintaining healthy skin.

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