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Hey guys I finally made it back after three hurricanes, and now we have TS Jeanne coming for us this weekend. Anywayz, I got some updates.

Went to my favorite aunt's wedding last weeked in Chicago. I worked tirelessly to have a good complexion, since I was in the wedding party. The day before the wedding I woke up at 2 in the afternoon (finally), walked to the mirror and saw a red mark starting to form right above my lip. I muttered a couple of explicatives and then hopped into the ice cold shower and washed my face off.

I get out, put on the that Cleocin gel and go back to sleep. Before I know it, wedding day is here. Who exactly schedules a wedding for 1 in the afternoon? Way too early if you ask me, because I slept everywhere I went, except the reception, which had an open bar.

Back to worse issues, acne. As of now, 15 September 2004, everything is pretty much under control. Classes are still cancelled from this hurricane. The women factor is good and I feel alot more comfortable. As for everything, everyone down in Florida is pretty chill with acne and discussing it. We all swap our own "trade secrets" and from a guy's point of view, most girls do understand. For those who make an issue out of it, forget about it. Have some fun in life because it's only here once, just like Santa Claus. He's a cool guy.

Have a great one guys. If you want me, ring me up at [email protected]

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