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Whiteheads (As A Result From The Regimen)

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Hey all,

(Maybe this should go in non-inflamed?)

I've been using teh regimen for about 5 weeks and rarely get inflamed breakouts anymore, but I've been noticing that my new problem seems to be whiteheads (and hyperpigmentation, darn my dark skin).

I was wondering if anyone else had had this problem? Is there a way that I can treat both without sacrificing the other?

Could some of it be caused by the fact that I've begun grappling again and my face get's rubbed a lot? (I'm going to stop now and see what happens--it sucks every time I walk by the mats with nobody on them, they look so lonely)

Given the choice, I'll take the whiteheads since you can't see them fm more than a foot and a half away, but if I can do both...

Should I just wait awhile and see how it develops?

Thank-you, you all are great and I love the site.

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Have you been getting the whiteheads ever since you started the regimen? Are you using Dan's products or store bought?

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Umm, I've always had a few white heads but there seem to be more as of last week (incidentally, the time I started wrestling again).

I'm using store-bought stuff, is Dan's better? I may try those if they are (it would actually be cheaper).

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