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Differin And Absolutely No Irritation?

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I've judt startes using differin and I've applied the last 3 nights in a row - I feel like I should be noticing some irritation or dryness by now? I have used it in the padt a few years ago and remember it causing a lot of irritation, and having to cut down my usage to every second night at first. What's going on? :S

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Well, your skin may have changed, that is a possibility. It is easy to forget that your skin is an organ, much like all the rest of them. Another possibility is that you haven't given the Differin enough time to actively see change. On the packaging, it says around 12 weeks for results...for some people, it can be longer, for others, shorter, but I would not expect to see a pronounced difference until a few weeks have passed.

Have patience, it'll pay off. And start slow regardless. Irritation is something to avoid if you can.

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I agree that your skin probably changed over time. When I was around 12, I tried a Neutrogena face wash that made me super-red and irritated. But years later, I love it and have no problems.

Anyway, I also used Differin, and I did not experience any irritation or dryness. I think I got dry after a couple weeks of use, but not in the beginning. After a few weeks(or even up to 2 months), if you do not feel any difference in your skin (i.e. the Differin isn't working or doing anything at all), make an appointment to try something else.

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