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Looking For A Moisturizer

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I've been on Retin-A for about a year now and have starting using Clindamycin during the day 6 months ago. My skin is great except that it seems oilier than before on my t-zone and my cheeks turns red easily. I've tried a few moisturizers from drug stores unsuccessfully so now I'm looking for recommendations to a new moisturizer that that will be safe for my skin.

Thanks for any recommendations!

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I use vaseline body oil, I have very dry skin and it's the only thing that doesn't feel thick, it glides on my skin really smoothly and softens my skin after a few days use, and it doen't wipe off like jojoba oil.

You can always mix in sunblock with your moisturizer, that's basically what they do to moisturizers with spf, it just has sunblock mixed in with it.

I recommend zinc oxide sunscreen, or titanium dioxide, it's the best thing you can do for your skin, stay away from the "oxywhatever" type ingredients, you need UV reflectors, not UV absorbers.

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La Roche Posay Toleraine Fluide. This particular lotion is great for combo skin or oily skin. Also recommended for summer use when there is generally more heat and humidity. It is lighter and great for everyday use. I also use it under my makeup with no problems. Another mention if you are familiar with Skin Deep the Cosmetic Database...? They rate products based on ingredients and formulations. Their ratings are scored 1 to 10. 10 being harsh. 0-1 being extremely gentle. This particular product rated a 0! Perfect for hydration without reaction. ***Highly recommend.

La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra. My Holy Grail of lotions. Liquid gold face saver! I cannot recommend this product enough. It is fantastic for sensitive, reactive, acne-prone, combative, red, flaky, dry, skin. Skin that is desperate need of hydration and TLC. It also serves combo, oily, and dry skin. It is heavier in feel than the lotion stated above. It is definitely not a cream-but more of lotion/cream. A hybrid of moderation. It melts flawlessly into your skin giving immediate relief. I use it everyday and before bed. However, it wouldn't be my choice under my makeup. Like I said, it is not as fluide and light as the previous mention. It is for dry skin skin in the dead of winter, lacking moisture. What is truly amazing about this product is the water beads. It draws water into the skin and beads form where skin is crying out for hydration. ***Highly Recommend.

I recommend and actually purchased these products for my sister and close friend. I am very critical of most products. More so than I need to be because of my Hyper-sensitive skin. The Toleriane line of La Roche Posay is aimed for the sensitive and concerns regarding ingredients. A great line to take a second glance. If you are concerned about SPF, they do offer Mineral Based Sunblock(physical) which I favor 100% over chemical blocks. One, because of their immediate block of SPF-no waiting 15 minutes before going in the sun. Two, they are less likely to cause acne breakouts and reactions. Hope this helps! Here a some links for further info!:




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I am on this same regimen I find that aveeno ultra calming moisturizer is a perfect addition. I use the lower SPF but it is available in two levels of SPF but the higher one only comes in a smaller bottle. Also I use a REN exfoliator once a week and do a Vaseline mask to really moisturizer and repair my skin. I've had no issue with the Vaseline although you would think it would instantly cause breakouts but my derm actually recommended it to me after the retina was transferring to under my eyes while I was sleeping.

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I have used several moisturizers in the past, and I have found Dan's moisturizer to be a very good balance of moisturization and non-greasiness.

I also use Aquaphor on occasion, under my jawline (which tends to become really dry for some reason).

Good luck finding one! =)

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I also use a skinceuticals moisturizer - Daily Moisture, it's called. At first I wasn't going to reorder, but everything else I've tried is making me greasy, and this is like a soufflé almost. It doesn't contain spf, and I'm not sure if you can get samples. I use one of their sheer sunscreens on top of that for protection against the sun. Have you tried Cerave? They have one with sunscreen.

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