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Home Remedies To Raise/fill Rolling And Boxcars

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I can't speak for others, but from what I've read home remedies are generally risky and ineffective compared to results you can get from a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

The type of treatment you receive is also greatly dependent on the depth of your scars. For instance, if you have fairly shallow, superficial scars, you can actually probably get some acid peels done to minimize their appearance and/or non-ablative lasers to fill them out. However, if they are deeper, you may need subcisions and/or ablative lasers to get any results.

The problem is that each person's skin responds differently to treatments. Some people don't respond to acids, some don't respond to lasers, some don't respond to subcisions, some respond fantastically to all three or just some. It's kind of a "try and see" methodology, which is what makes the process frustrating.

I would talk to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon first, and make sure they are board-certified. I would also make sure that the doctor you speak to has a very firm stance on treatment, tailored to your needs, and insists on performing any procedures himself. Some doctor's offices have estheticians perform the procedures, and they treat you by simply referring to a chart and guessing as to the type of treatment you'll need. It's not ideal, so make sure the doctor himself is performing these procedures.

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