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Baking Soda & Turmeric & Acv - Help, Tips, How To?

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Hi, i am new here and i am having a little problem with finding how to use Baking Soda, Turmeric och ACV for skin care, ex for treating red marks left from acne, dark spots, acne and as a exfoliator/scrub

I would really appriciate if someone could write step by step how to use them.

1. Baking Soda - Do i use this as an exfoliator/scrub? Or as an mask,? Or is it used for treating pimples? How do i use it?

2. Turmeric - Ive heard this is used for treating dark spots, red marks etc. Do i use it as an mask? Do i wash it off or leave it on my skin? How do i use it?

3. Apple Cider Vinegar - Do i use this as an cleanser? Do i wash it off or leave it on my skin? Is this for treating red marks or acne? How do i use it?

There may be many topics regarding this, but im having problems with my connection when am trying to search for those 3 products :S


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Do you have some solid reasons why baking soda is no good for a person's face? I have seen some good results with baking soda and wouldn't hesitate to use it on my 14 year old son once a week or so, or when the need arises to calm down a flare up. Here's what I did: I made a paste of baking soda and water, applied to the blemished area by dabbing it gently, not rubbing it at all. It stung a little and he rinsed it off after 5 minutes. We did this at night and the area had significatly dried up and was further along in the healing process the next morning. He has Acne Vulgaris, so I can only speak for this type of acne. You could give this a try on a small area and see if you get some results.

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I started using baking soda on my entire face and it burns a bit.. my lips is very dry and it hurts.. :( I need a lipstick.

I will try just applying on my zits and if I see a small dot that is going to form, I will apply it there too! I decided to use baking soda in the morning on zits and rinse it off and aloe vera on my entire face and leave it overnight. I hope it is OK to use soap before applying any of this. I use the Dr.Bronner soap which I saw it helps aganst acne.

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You may want to try applying the baking soda paste to blemishes only and not leaving it on more than 5-10 minutes. We did 5. Even by applying it to an unwashed face at night it helped to dry up active blemishes by the next morning. None of the blemishes had broken skin on them however.

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