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Acne Getting Worst And Seems To Spread (Pictures Included)

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Hi, a little background of myself, i am an asian, 21 years old this year.

I have a bad habit of picking at my face but i have a healthy diet of eating lots of vegetables and fruits and i drink lots of water everyday

Pictures :


left side



right side

The products i used

Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash

Benzac 2.5AC - only at night

Neutrogena Oil-free Moisturizer for combi skin

I followed Dan's regime a week ago, the only thing i did differently is to spot treat instead of applying to the entire face , it did cleared up some of my bumps but yesterday my face broke out with more cysts which seems to be inflamed. (I suspect is due the face steam i did two days ago)

There are lots of little tiny flat blemishes-like red spots around

Some questions here.

My acne falls under the severe or moderate category?

Should i apply the BP only on the affected area or the entire face?

Any advice is greatly appreciated

Cheers smile.png

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It appears like you have moderate to severe acne. Are you seeing a dermatologist? I have a couple of suggestions to help with the inflammation until you see the dermatologist.

I would stop using the Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash. It has menthol in it which can inflame skin. Switch to a very gentle cleanser like Cetaphil Antibacterial Bar.

Do not steam your face. This inflames already inflammed skin. I know magazines talk about how great steaming is but those articles are geared to women with blackheads not cystic acne. Use only tepid (mildly warm) water on your skin and just gently wash with your fingertips...no wash cloth. Pat dry.

BP is meant to be applied to the whole face. It works by clearing up existing blemishes and preventing new ones. Initially there will be a purging...meaning lesions below the skin will come out. That's okay...hang in there. Follow Dan's recommendations.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks alot cvd!

I just came back from the clinic, the doctor prescribe me with oral medication for a month

- Acnotin 10mg 15 cap

- Ermycin 250 F/C 90 cap

My face are still a bit inflamed but only on both sides, a few bumps have come to a whitehead after i wake up and it's sore

My doctor also advises me to use his prescribed medicated blue liquid cleanser, i shall see how it goes, will update again smile.png

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If your acne is getting worse, maybe change your benzac ac to the 5%.

Your acne falls into the moderate category. I do not think that your acne is severe.

Have you tried any natural/home remedies yet? You could try applying tea tree oil or lemon juice tropically onto the areas you have acne. Many people jump into using expensive products but, have not tried natural remedies. Some natural remedies could work for you. You just have to try it.


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I think you should just stick to your dermatologists advice/instructions. Don't give up on the medications they gave you because they really do clear up your skin! It worked for me

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I agree with above. Just use what the clinic prescribed. This is a very very good treatment regime and one that will clear up your acne totally. A very important part of treatment is also following exactly how the clinic says to wash your skin, etc. Use the soap they recommend. It is probably just the right thing for washing while being treated with Acnotin which can be very drying to your skin. After you finish your course of Acnotin you will want to be sure to follow-up with some kind of topical to help keep the pores clear. Be sure to talk with the clinic about this. A big mistake lots of people make is to assume that once they have done Acnotin they don't have to do anything else (...because their skin is so clear...) but acne is never cured it is only controlled. You may also need to use a lotion while on Acnotin so ask the clinic about what they recommend. It is essential to use one that is oil-free, noncomedogenic, hypoallergenic, and fragrance free...so the skin does not get irritated.

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