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I've had acne for quite some time now, about 4-5 years, but only last year did the breakouts get more intense. Over these years I've used pretty much everything but accutane.

As I'm already 20 and have no longer hormonal fluctiations (nothing noticeable, at least) and both my parents and my brother have or have had almost no acne as teens, this year I decided to look for what could be causing me acne. I've tested primarily foods, but since I'm already almost vegan and do not really like sugar, it wasn't very likely that the problem was bad eating - indeed it wasn't. Some time in late november, however, I thought that the culprit could be in some topical product; doing some research I've found that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (aka SLS) is, well, not the very best thing one can put on one's face - there are even suspicions that it may be a carcinogen.

I've then changed my shapoo, shaving cream, soap and even the toothpaste (I suspect SLS may also have caused me a two decade problem of gingival recession; moreover, SLS is known for causing aphthous ulcers) and have have ever since not a single acne. It's important to note that before I stopped using SLS products, I was on tetracycline and, despite the high dose, every now and then there was a breakout; after I changed them, I stopped taking the antibiotic, and nevertheless my skin remained clean.

I'm quite confident that SLS was the culprit for me and that it may also be for some other people; and even if it isn't, it may be worth it to refrain from SLS products altogether - a healthy compound it certainly isn't.

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I would have to agree! SLS is on the list of my least favourite chemicals ever, along with PEG and propylene glycol. Glad to hear that cutting out this harmful chemical has cleared your skin!

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Not at all surprised that SLS causes problems. It's a common skin irritant. In fact it's even go-to choice of skin irritant for scientists testing skin care products.

Most people have no problems for it, but there are cases when it can be a problem. Like when you have sensitive skin, or it can add to other irritation your skin expriences (cumulative irritation).

Definitely recommend cutting it out and seeing what happens.

Source: http://www.acneeinstein.com/scalp-acne-caused-by-sodium-lauryl-sulfate-in-shampoos/

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