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Anyone know where I can purchase accutane online, from a reliable and cheap source?

I am from Australia.

Thank yo9u.


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Without a doctor overseeing the treatment? Don't. Accutane is toxic to your liver, and can seriously mess you up which is why you get so many blood tests done while you're on it.

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[HI there, did you find any reliable source to purchase Accutane? I am actually taking Amnesteem right now but my insurance company does not cover my prescription. So, I am looking if I can buy it online cheaper.


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Cheapest, and best place is www.mastersmarketing.com/home.htm go to products and select 'i' as it is listed as isotretinoin not Accutane. I will answer the questions now so that it is not necessary to post any questions.

1. You do not need a prescription to order from them.

2. They are a reputable company that has been around for many years and have never had any negative reports. I have ordered many times to Canada with no problem.

3. I can only speak for Canada and can say that customs has never rejected a shipment of Accutane to me. I do not know what other countries will do. When I first wanted to order I emailed their customer service and asked if they have ever had returned shipments from Canada customs. Do the same for your country. Their customer service is friendly and gets back very quickly to all inquiries. The worst that happens if customs refuses shipment is sending it back to Masters Marketing, and Masters will promptly refund your money if this happens.

I have an unopened box of 30 x 20mg Roche brand Accutane capsules that I am selling for $50.00 Canadian, which is $50.00 Canadian less than what I paid from Masters. I really need to get rid of it so PM me if you want it. I can send digital images of the box and pill package upon request. The reason is that I was taking low dose but started to get some side effects that I did not want so I stopped. Problem was that I had just ordered a box from Masters that was on route and I could not cancel. I say again that it is unopened and never used. PM me. Other than that, order from Masters Marketing they are great.

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