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What Kinds Of Scars Are These And What Type Of Treatment?

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just a little fyi i have battled acne since i was 16 or so i am now 24 and have just gotten off accutane i have been completly clear ever since my first dose but am left with this horrendus scarring that makes me so self conscious. people tell me they cant notice it but i beg to differ. last fall i was pretty clear and had some silicone injections in new york with a dermatologist , i basically spent 2400 dollars on nothing at first i thought it looked alot better thats why i had three treatments but looking at my skin in the last few months it just hasnt been enough. the scarring is still very noticeable. i have been reading about punch grafts excisions and elevations which i believe would really work for me and lasers maybe as a finishing treatment it is hard to find reputable plastic surgons and or derms who do these they all want to push lasers on you which i know dont work at least not on there own i am soooo desperate to get rid of these scars they make me crazy and self conscious. i am going off accutane this month so what do you guys think? how bad is my scarring and what should i do about it?

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looks like very minor/shallow boxcar or rolling scars. Try reading up on silicon sheets, as I guess they allow the skin to heal much faster. I guess the skin covered by the silicone is in its ideal condition which allows fast healing.

and those scars are barely noticeable. nothing to even be worried about as theyd probably fill in more over time.

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mine is similar to yours, but deeper. doctors suggested smooth beam or c02 laser.

I think I'm gonna see a plastic surgeon about subcision.

BTW, you have to wait for at least 6 months after accutane to start any treatments.

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