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Butter: Risk Of Heart Disease?

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I've ben doing everything with butter.

Cooking with butter

Frying with butter

Replacing oil and margarine jobs with butter.

Has anyone gone this route before? If yes, do you think you're eating too much butter and may be at risk of heart disease?

I eat like one to two tablespoons a day, but I don't have any other sources of fat that I eat anyway except maybe an occasional lean sirloin.

My acne got better now that I cut dairy and gluten out of my life.

I am using Smjor and Kerrygold, both grass fed and pasture butter. Maybe this is a placebo, but I believe that my meat and vegetables barely burned while cooking with butter versus cooking with vegetable oil or olive oil. Has anyone else experienced this?

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That's what I thought, but I was thinking, "how much is too much?"

Swiss people ate a lot of dairy (and dairy fat) without a problem, and Inuits mostly eat blubber.

I've been having rapid heart beats and chest pains (over where the heart is), why does it have to be around a month after I started eating butter regularly? (even though I admit I've been having very stressful weeks)

I had rapid heart pains years before during prolonged stress.

Maybe it has nothing to do with butter.

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I would it's more likely stress. Try taking walks, deep slow breathing, etc.

Did you see a doctor about heart pains before?

Yes, dietary cholesterol has little impact on your blood cholesterol. And cholesterol isn't really the problem with heart disease anyway. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/230714-good-things-for-acne-cliff-notes-to-clear-skin-health/page__view__findpost__p__3198151

However, some people do have some kind of hereditary condition involving cholesterol that do need intervention. But those people are rare.

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I am getting two very different messages. The 'official' health experts and medics say that we should cut saturated fats and cholestrols out of our diets, while other people say butter is good. So I decided to eat a lot of butter, but who can I really believe? And if butter was good, there should still be moderation, right?

For example, if I eat like a pound of butter a day, isn't that too much?

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Saturated fat can raise cholesterol levels, and can have negative affects on cholesterol transport in the blood, this is just one variable to many others in heart disease. stress levels, magnesium and b vitamins and also dietary fiber all play an equally important role.

my advice would be to limit your saturated fat, to perhaps only cooking with a small amount of it, as cooking with any other oil can expose you to more oxidized fats, where saturated fat is very heat stable and wont oxidize easily. margarine should never be consumed, its man made garbage.

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