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Localized Cystic Acne And Teeth Cavity?

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So....at the moment my back right top molar has quite a bad cavity, and it has had one for awhile I am assuming. Over x-mas break my dentist was off for 3 weeks and so I have had to wait. He put me on penicillin to prevent it from getting further infected.

It's been about 6 months since i'v had a cyst form on my right cheekbone, and NOW at the moment I can see a spot forming in the same freaking area. Now this spot on my cheekbone would be slightly above where this bad tooth is.

I am wondering if there is a correlation between the bad tooth and the acne I have gotten in that area.

I just want that tooth taken out....it's painful and NOW potentially has given me a 'future - cyst' once this thing grows....

sigh so depressed I thought those things were gone for good but apparently NOT.

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I have learned that cavities / oral hygiene could be a factor with cystic acne. If you have no history of cystic acne, I'm sure that cavity would be a cause of the infection.

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Yes, yes, yes. The bacteria from the cyst could have infected your tooth, or vice versa. Sometimes you'll even get infected cysts on your gums (usually an impacted tooth, but sometimes infection just like acne).

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