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Best Makeup While On Accutane?

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These are expensive, but Bobbi Brown moisture rich foundation and Clinique moisture foundation are good for dry skin. I think the key though is putting at least 2 layers of moisturizer on and a foundation primer. It helps me look less flaky because my skin is super dry.

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The trick isn't the makeup, but to deal with the dry skin. My dermatologist gave me a sample of La Roche Posay Effaclar H... The stuff is brilliant, it completely got rid of my dry skin and now I just apply a primer over the top and my usual makeup and I look normal (I use Revlon Colourstay which has great medium coverage and doesn't break me out) :)

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I am on my second course of accutane. First course was awful i didn't know what I was doing! The one thing I can tell you that you must must must not use is any kind of powder....I wouldn't reccomend it until at least three months into the course but still be careful. Use liquid foundation....it will cover the best during the initial break out and if applied right it won't cause or show dryness. I use Revlon colorstay..its about 13 dollars a bottle....it can go on thick or thin too and it doesn't dry me out or show flakes at all. I recommend it but honestly just find a liquid foundation that is oil free and won't clog pores. You might have to try a few to see if the help your dryness or just make it worse. Also find one with a matte finish I feel that helps a lot too. I hope this helps you. But definately try Revlon colorstay..and also try to exfoliate about every 2 to 3 days I feel that helps a lot. St ives has a mild exfoliant that does the job without irritation. Just give it a try I hope it helps you with your accutane journey!!

Have a great day!


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I have to wear makeup for work so I put some moisturizer on my face and let it dry and then put on my makeup as usual. I used to use Clinique but switched to Estee Lauder because Clinique didn't have a shade pale enough for me (HAHA). I love Estee Launder. Very smooth and covers well. But, eventually the skin starts to peel and makes my makeup look gross. The moisturizer made it last longer though. Considering I work an 8 hour shift and get all sweaty, that's pretty good.

I agree with the above though and avoid powders. I rarely ever use my powder.

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I used BareMinerals foundation before my acne got more severe to warrant Accutane (which I just started). The kit/foundation is pretty good, but I will say the kit isn't worth the money. The foundation and mineral veil are the worth while products - and both of them are the mini versions in the kit. For my combination skin, using the foundation was enough of a "veil" that I could do without that part of the kit.

Buy the full size foundation (the bigger container also wont scrunch up your brush bristles like the containers from the starter kit) in the store so they can give you the best color (I found out that the kit I bought was for asian skin tones after going in!) and then you can buy the same stuff on Ebay for 5$ cheaper or so. One full size foundation cost me about 25$ in store and lasted a year. The brushes are the investment smile.png and you can find better quality ones for the price of the BareMinerals brand. Definetly invest is a brush cleanser too.

With that said:

The problems with BareMinerals, for me, the coverage wasn't that great. I actually found it worked better without a primer underneath too FYI. But people with dry skin should avoid BareMinerals or power foundations. Applying the mineral foundation also irritates my skin. For it to look natural, you have to work it in with your face's natural oils. So sensitive dry skin gets irritated, the brush tends to perk up flakes, and in my experience, doesn't ever look that good because dry skin doesn't have sufficient oil as it is!

As for a better altrernative... I'm in the market for something with better coverage because my skin is now worse than ever. But when it was only moderately terrible, I had great results with Revlon's Colorstay liquid foundation.

After much experimentation, the best way to apply it I found was:

1. to use moisturizer (wait 10mins)

2. apply a primer (Sephora brand Oil Control primer is good, but heavily scented) Wait 2-3 mins to let it dry.

3. use a foundation brush to dab on a mix of the foundation with a bit of facial lotion all over my face (heavier dabs on my cheeks where I need the most coverage)

4. spray my whole face with the ELF makeup setting mist and use a sponge to actually spread the foundation and even it out. Then wait another 10mins to let it set.

The ELF mist is a god send. It's 3$ at any drugstore. It feels like it soothes my skin, and using it WITH the foundation (rather than after) really helps application. Liquid foundation, without adding any lotion or the foundation mist, always looks cakey on my skin and once its caked on - good luck fixing it without washing it all off. But the mist is great! when the foundation is still wet on your face, you have a chance to spray some more and dab up any excess with the sponge.

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