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Clogged Pores And The Derm

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I'm 14 with tons of clogged pores, mostly on my forehead (pretty much all over my forehead :( ) and some on my cheeks. I've been wanting to go see a derm for a while now. Will the derm know that this could possibly be a fungus, or would they treat it as acne? And would they be able to diagnose which it is? I don't want to go and ask tons of questions because I don't really want my parents figuring out that I waste all my time on the internet researching acne-- embarrassing. So will the derm be able to tell?

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Without a doubt, these are specialists and know pretty much everything there is to know about skin problems.

I once suffered from a psudemonus infection, the GP say opposite told me that theres a 50% mortality rate for my condition... naturally I was in shock and spent a week in fear awaiting my appointment with the dermatologist. When I say her, I told her of the GPs fears and she laughed saying he was completely wrong. I was given a pack of antibiotics and sent on my way.

The point being - they deal with and see hundreds of people per year. They've seen, treated and cured it all.

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Okay, thank you! I guess I've seen too many people saying they got a bad derm and found better treatments themselves, but it definitely makes sense that most to all of them should know their field very well.

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