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I Know This Is Common But-How Bad Is My Acne

Okay. I'm sorry. No pics but I will try and explain

Forehead-block pores no red marks or spots

Chin-clear but two red marks

Right Cheek-tiny red marks lots of blocked pores

Left cheef-a mess. Six very inflamed spots

Please help. What the hell should I do? Could eating raw food help? Juicing etc?!

the pic is me with makeup on

p/s I have used BP for 3 months-no improvement. Actually it's got worse. I would like someone to give me a regime and i will follow it!!



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Hey Jess,

Asking someone to give you a regimen on this site, and you will get 100 zillion responses! :) But that's great that so many people are passionate to help others.

Ok, so just look at my most recent blogs because I've posted pics of what my skin was a year ago, and what it is now. I don't bother updating my gallery anymore. You can just skim over them, since I don't want to sound like a broken record. I just hope you can see that I am a person who has tried everything, no matter how expensive it was or patient I was for them to work. The things I do now have FINALLY cleared my skin, after ONE YEAR of diligent trial and error.

can I ask what your current regimen is? It sounds like your acne is more of a cosmetic problem. I've found when I get a angry pimple is due to a clogged pore that just got fed up or irritated. There's acne cosmetica, which there's a tab on this site that discusses the different types of acne. No matter if I have a bad pimple, I DO NOT put concealer on it. No matter if something says 'hypoallergenic' or 'non-comodegenic' don't trust it. Most makeups and primers horribly clog the skin and create this awful barrier so what's on the skin gets trapped. This is due to silicones, commonly labeled "dimethicone." Most people say it's none irritating or acne causing, but... honestly it is. Once I started using a silicone free moisturizer my skin nearly completely cleared.

I do not use benzoyl peroxide since I'm allergic, though Dan's BP works wonders. I do not use salicylic acid because I believe it created huge cysts and greatly worsened my acne. I do not use Alpha hydroxy acid, and I believe it is just too harsh for my sensitive skin.

What has worked great for me, despite all the very expensive treatments and prescriptions, is finacea (azelaic acid). It's a prescription mainly used for rosacea and mild acne. It takes about 2 months to really work, but it is not harsh like everything else I've tried. If you do a treatment that is very harsh or aggressive at first you will break out. All those little comodomes will come to a pimple. It looks like you're in the UK, which I believe if you got a prescription for finacea it is much cheaper than here in the states.

so, bottom line is my main regimen is listed in my signature. Message me if you have questions!!!

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Hey Y3. Thanks so much for the response.

My current regime is this. bp twic a day plus lactic acid mouistouriser. Then tons and tons of Estell lauder Double wear non-acne-domic foundation to hide red marks. Maybe this is silly but I work in an office enviroment where I must look my best.

Yes-thankfully for us-we get acne medication for free in Scotland. BUT- our derms are different than in the US. I waited 3 months to be seen then got 5 mins with a derm who laughed and said 'use BP'. What is it like in US?

i am also on diane 35. Free for me and a favour to my chin acne. So-do you think makeup is too much? i am interesed.How much do you pay for acne treatments in USA?

thanks sooo much


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I thought about wearing the Double wear foundation when I was looking a few months back. I used to wear liquid makeup, but looking back, I believe it caused my acne. I actually believe almost all makeups and foundations cause acne. It does largely depend on how you apply makeup too. If you use the same dirty sponge, then all the bacteria on the sponge just goes right on your skin. If you use your fingers, be sure you wash your hands really good before and after.

I wear Aevda dual foundation, and have been using it for the last 2 months. It lasts about 2 months (I wear it nearly everyday) and its about $24. I KNOW this is a product I will continue to buy, because I do not break out much anymore. It does contain "dimethicone" which I believe can cause breakouts, but I don't suffer from those same clogged pores and black heads like I used to. I didn't realize how much my skin felt like it was suffocating under all my previous moisturizers and heavy foundations. Now, I just moisturize, wait about 10 minutes, and apply the Aveda foundation with a brush. The makeup covers pretty well, the more you use and buff in your skin. I don't use any concealers like I said, because I believe it will clog my pores. Everytime I've had red marks on my left cheek, I would cover it with a TINY TINY bit of concealer (jane iredale), and a few weeks later have another pimple show up. I haven't used concealer in that area in over 2-3 weeks, and I haven't had a breakout there since.

Ya, I know what you mean about derms. It is almost the same here. Any good derm will take a few months to see. I have a fantastic derm whom I have known for over 10 years. Only in 2011 did I start going back to him because I realized I needed professional help with my skin. He really listens to my concerns and is a great doctor. I am under my parents insurance, so I have a co-pay of $35 a visit. The finacea gel I buy that lasts about a month is about $160 a tube!! The Veltin I use (it's great for the stubborn bumps on your forehead) is about another $200.

How long have you been using the BP? I honestly found this to be too harsh and drying, which can be irritating and lead to more acne. If you can, maybe see the derm again and ask for finacea. It's really mild and non irritating, and used for rosacea. You're acne doesn't sound too terrible, it's just under/in the skin.

It's a shame that Pratima (the skin care brands I use) don't ship internationally, because they are really great products. I think 50% of the reason I have clear skin is because of them.

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