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francesco fiora

lemon juice on redmarks

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I tried it for a while like a week but then i ran out of lemon and i had to pee alot cuz i drank alot of water. And no i didnt see any results but i lheard i takes a long time

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I think it works best on freckles. It's a very old, natural therapy. Jan Brady used it on the Brady Bunch when the boys made fun of her freckly nose.

I tried drinking it in water every day as talked about on this board, and ya know, call me crazy, but I think it might have helped a bit, after as short as a week or so.

I had to stop due to skin sensitivity. I was exercising, sweating and the sweat was burning my skin, and over the period of the week (or maybe 2 weeks. I forget now) it was making me blotchy with irritation.

There is acid in lemons, that's for sure. And acid seems to help skin renewal, and all that good stuff. Give it a try. If it's burning or irritating, just stop.

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Any natural product like lemon juice salicylic acid, azeliac acid should not cause too much problems and be partly beneficial.

You know when wild monkeys eat fruit the juice may splash/on their face skin.

Nature allows us to tolerate and adapt and find beneficial ingrediants from natural sources.

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