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Best Probiotic To Buy?

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Hi guys,

can someone suggest a really good probiotic brand?

theres so many out there im really unsure what to get.

i've also been looking into water kefir but at the moment its a bit hard to find in my area so resulting back to pill form probiotics

in the meantime.

any advice on what to buy would be great. i do live in australia and my local health store is very limited. i think the last one i bought have around 31billion and 4 strains. would it be a bad idea to buy probiotics from another country.

thanks :)

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Are you open to probiotic foods instead of supplements? I've had far better results with them.

would you be able to list some of the foods in mention? :) I'm open to anything at all, i really want to do the best i possibly can using the 'best' products/foods. I've tried sauerkraut before but i bought it from the store and it had added white wine and it tasted so horrible i really couldnt swallow it without wanting to be sick. its like my brain just said "no matter how many times you try to swallow its not going to go down" ha. I really want to make my own in hope it tastes different but again im really lost and in-experienced with such foods and dont know where to begin. I'm hoping to get the water kefir soon, again i dont even know what to do with the grain but trying to find out as much as i can :)

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My GI doctor recommended Align Probiotics and Culturelle Probiotics, as well as Garden of Life Raw Enzymes for Men. I just got some today, and haven't tried it personally, but I'm taking their word, since they are gastrointestinal specialists :D

You can find Align and Culterelle on Amazon, as well as in your local health food store.

As for foods high in probiotics, I'm all in favor. Saurkraut, like you said, is a great source! So is Kimchi, as a matter of fact.

Kefir and Yogurt have been said to pack a big probiotic punch, but I stay away from them since I'm sensitive to dairy. There is cultured coconut milk out there, though, as well as dairy free yogurt. My favorite brand is So Delicious, but I'm not sure they'll have it in Australia. You can also make your own kefir with kefir starter/kefir grains. There's a dairy free kefir starter from Body Ecology that I use every now and then that works pretty well.

One of my favorite probiotic sources is Kombucha tea--you can find it in a lot of health food stores. They won't have the sheer volume of probiotics you'll get from a supplement, but they'll often have other healthy ingredients in the bottle as well. Plus they're totally delicious ;D

Probiotics are AWESOME for acne and health in general. I'm sorry I'm not too well versed on Australian brands, but hopefully you can find some of these things over there, even if they are under different brand names.

Good luck and peace out B)

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You could look for one with bifidobacterium lactis strains which studies show helps intestinal hyperpermeability. If it has that, it's probably a good one.

Sauerkraut and kimchee are some examples of some common lacto-fermented foods. More info on foods and strains and what they do for you: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/159595-kefir-ginger-root-for-stomachs-stripped-from-antibiotics/page__hl__kimchee__fromsearch__1

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Genomyx Gut Health is amazing for digestive health. It contains 3.25 billion colony forming units consisting of:

Bacillus subtilis

Bacillus Coagulens

Lactobacillus Plantarum

Streptococcus Thermophiles

Lactobacillus Casei

It's pretty cheap at 12$ a bottle, well worth getting.

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I'm on a vegan probiotic. But my nutritionist/chiropractor says that not probiotics are the same it depends on your needs. It depends on the bacteria you are deficient in. If you can not take a test to find out, you may just have to experiment to see what works the best for you. But in my recommendation, I'd look into chiropractors who also practice nutrition. I just go through the phone book and if it's not advertised then I call and ask. They work with you holistically to help you deal with many problems you have. And I also compare prices. Many chiropractor/nutritionist can change $180 for the first visit and $65 for following visits, but I choose the ones who charge $40 per visit. I've been happy with all the chiropractor/nutritionist I've used. I have moved around quite a bit, so that's why I see many. I had one chiropractor give me a free first visit, and he spent an hour with me getting my full background and treating me. -AND I was a walk in. AND he had to see my in between patients, so I was actually there longer than an hour, but it was definitely worth it. Chiropractor/nutritonist have doctorates, so they definitely know the body and how it functions from the inside out, plus they will sell you high quality suppliments you can't find anywhere else. The suppliment companies will only sell it to them, because they want to make sure you are taking what you need and only what you need.

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