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Cortisone injection effectiveness?

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long time lurker and first time poster...

i was wondering about a raised scar i have on the side of my face. about an year ago i had severe cystic acne in the area and it left a pretty nasty scar that is long and reddish (1/2 inch by 1/4 inch) and looks like a plump whitish raised scar when i stretch my skin out around the area. from what i have read it is hypertrophic scarring.

i have an appt w/ a derm next week and i am wondering about cortisone injections. i have read mixed reactions on this board about them but they seem to be the first thing that docs will recommend for this type of scarring.

i am assuming that the area will be swollen after the injection but how long does it take for the swelling to go down? will it be okay the next day or will it look like i was hit by a baseball bat for a couple days at least? and for those who experienced a sinking of the scar, how long did that take?

i am already very conscious of the scar and would rather wait until i am on vacation if i am gonna look like a freak for a couple days...

thanks for your help everyone...

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I've never heard of 5-FU. Is this something that would be readily available to most derms? Also, is this injection as effective as the cortisteriod ones?

Thanks for the information.

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ive had cortisone injections and havent suffered any atrophic scarring..it went down amazingly within like 12 hours.. i also heard that atrophic scarring usually fills back out again over time.!?!Not definite though.!?

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I had two cortisone injections on a small hypertrophic scar. The first one, the doctor diluted (to start conservatively), and it did nothing. The second one wasn't diluted, and it decreased the size of the scar by about half (within the first week). It's been almost two months and nothing more has happened. I'm going to get a third injection soon. I think the trick is to take it slow.

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