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High Cholesterol Readings After 1 Month :(

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Started December 7th with the following dosage.

20mg Accutane (Isotretinoin)

-1 a day for 2 weeks and then...

-1a day followed by 2 a day on alternate days for 2 weeks

-Finally 2 a day (40mg), everyday

I started taking 40mg a day on the 4th and had my first blood test on the 12th.

I called my local surgery on today to get my results and they said everything seemed fine except my cholesterol levels were high and they would forward this to my derm. They also said he might change my dosage levels depending on what he thinks of it.

My first derm appointment since starting Accutane isn't until Feb 7th, but I'm just worried if it increases more then he might take me off the course =(

What was everyone's experience with their first blood test and what did the derm do?

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I've had very good blood tests throughout my course so far (4months into it, 40mg a day)

Only recently my cholesterol went up a bit, nothing that was worrying for my derm and she told me I could skip my next test.

It's quite normal to have elevated cholesterol and your derm probably won't do much because of a raised cholesterol level.

What I suggest is eating a lot of salmon, taking fish oil pills (omega 3's), eating nuts, couple tablespoons of milled flax seed.

I've been doing this throughout my whole course and it's been keeping me extremely healthy. Good luck :)

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Mine went up after one month at 80mg daily. They said if it went above 200 they would do something about it. It has since dropped after another month of 80mg daily. I think it's fairly common for your cholesterol to go up during your first month or so.

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