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Accutane And Exercise

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Hi, I'm due to start taking accutane tomorrow - eep. (20mg a day)

The only problem is, I do high level sport, (modern pentathlon) so I run, swim, fence, ride and shoot.

I've heard that you don't heal as well when you take Roaccutane and you get muscle aches. I'm really worried, as I often get really bad bruises from fencing/riding - will they heal? Will I be able to continue sport. So worried, but I don't want my acne to scar any more than it already has..

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Depends on your pain tolerance. While you won't heal "slower," per say, you'll probably experience some minor-moderate myalgia/arthralgia (muscle/joint pain) - a side effect that occurs with or without exercise.

If you bruise more easily while on isotretinoin, that's something you need to mention to your doctor. It's most definitely not something that's common, or in the least bit good for you (can represent a problem with your blood's clotting factors).

If everything else with your health is normal, there's no reason to expect slower healing or excessive bruising. You can keep doing what you do without worry.

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I train at my gym 4-5 days a week - I'm halfway through my course and have had no problems while exercising/ lifting or after I workout. So far so good!

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I'm on 20mg a day, I work out, I'm three and a half months in and no problems thus far. nod.gif You sound like the kind of person who can listen to their body, just keep doing that and if something really isn't right, go see your doctor.

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