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What Kind Of Scar Is This?

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Is it a hypertrophic scar?

if it is, how do you get rid of it? i've searched on this site but i think i've only seen solutions like peels and surgery.. is there any other way?



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Are you sure it is a scar, and not a cyst?

If it is a scar, yes, it's hypertrophic. I have a huge hypertrophic scar that covers almost all my left hand's back, from a deep 2nd degree burn, and it's pretty much flattened after 2 years of the injury and 1 and a half years of wearing pressure gloves.

I've tried silicone gels and silicone sheets and it didn't help anything. Only pressure garments did.

But ofc you won't wear a face mask just for that little scar, so you can try surgical excision, or a peeling ONLY in the scar. I don't support peelings and lasers and etc for large areas because they burn your skin and make it more fragile, but it's a small scar, so your skin will recover easily. But it must be done well, find a doctor with good reputation.

Edit: since, again, the scar is small, you could even peel it at home (glycolic acid 5%, etc) but get well informed and do it carefully.

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You should consult with a dermatologist to see what's up. We're not experts, so we can't give an accurate assessment, and it would be foolish to trust us.

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