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Lim Kien Yen

Lumiport Dermastyle Pulse Experiences

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Hi, I'm a good experience away from springing for a Lumiport Dermastyle Pulse. Heard lots of positive things about the old model, but yet to find a positive review on this one.

I'm 28, Chinese and have moderate to severe acne cysts that cause me a lot of embarrassment. I go completely free of acne for a few months at a time, but at the back of my head, I always know they will come back. Usually very conveniently before a holiday.

I was prescribed Isotretinoin about 5 years back but I stopped the medication as I experienced hearing loss on my left side. Since then, I've been switching between products without a proper regimen.

Now on Vichy Laboratoires skincare range. Was working wonders for a while. Until my current breakout! As usual, have no idea what caused it.

Has anyone has a good experience with Lumiport Dermastyle Pulse? Please share.

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I too am wondering about this and am considering looking into buying this.

I would also appreciate it if someone would post this so I don't waste money, I was actually just about to post this topic so thanks for posting it!

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Hey Lim and Shadow,

I recently bought a lumiport pulse!

As far as history, I have mild to moderate acne, and severe cystic acne when I am pregnant. I've been to dermatologist years ago who told me to use ONLY non comedogenic soaps, lotions and makeup on my face. He said the box HAD to say non comedogenic since I guess the product company must pay for the testing to actually label their item with the word non-comedogenic. I have gone back and forth about obeying that rule consistently, but about 1 month ago I decided to give it a go again. For about 6 months straight last winter, I bought a plan at a local spa and was getting various treatments, such as salicylic acid and glycolic peels to LED blue light(which I loved), microderm abrasion, and a few IPL treatments(which I hated). This was fabulous and I thought it helped immensely, ended up with much thinner skin, less acne and overall better complexion. BUT so expensive and inconvenient! So i figured on trying my own thing for a while.

Anyway, I have switched my primer and makeup to non comedogenic, using NARS from sephora, and also bought a lumiport dermatyle pulse. My skin has improved dramatically over the last 2 weeks, and whether its the lumiport or the make up switch Im not quite sure yet.

Like you said, I read lots of great reviews on the pen light and prior version, and figured they had upgraded. The pulse looked like it was well made in the product pics, the lumiport website had a visually pleasing layout, not wholesale-ish or too spa treatment-ish. And although I wish it had more information regarding specific wavelengths that the pulse is equipped to put out versus other devices, and more numbers and figures research in general, I still decided to buy it, and if I end up not liking it, I will simply send it back.

One week out, heres the opinion:

Great price.

Super easy to use.

I love the large light surface.

The light surface warms up/very relaxing.

My face feels a little drier, more even textured.

I have NOT had any cystic breakouts AT ALL since using the pulse 2-3 times daily, mostly on purple setting. (the CHROMA 2)

I did have an invisible tender spot brewing on my chin, but after 2 pulse treatments on purple( during 1 day), it was gone by morning.

Not heavy or awkward to hold during your treatments.

Next, Could be a con I guess:

It could feel a bit time consuming. (It takes me about 20 -30 minutes to do every inch of my face, but if I think ahead and use it during my 35 minute highway commute to work and home again it works out perfect. I also have just laid in bed and done as much of my face as I can before falling asleep)

I am not really sure why they lumiport people made this great device with so many options? I mean, a spot treatment is great if you really only have 1 pimple, but using that versus the overall treatment doesn't seem like it would benefit you in any way except for saving you battery life. The LED light doesn't hurt you if you over do it, and in fact would be preventing any other spots brewing while you are treating the "spot" you already have? I just felt it was unnecessary. Also, I didn't understand why there where 3 different colors? why not just go with the purple chroma 2? why only give yourself blue or red at separate times, when you can do both at once? another unnecessary option I think. I mean, why take separate chewable vitamins? Only take B12 since your stressed, and if you end up with a cold add some zinc? Just take a multiple chewable and call it a day! so, thats all I have to say about it.

Overall, I love it, and am perfectly happy with the purchase so far. I will update further as time goes on.

I definitely DO think it makes a difference!

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Also, I didn't understand why there where 3 different colors? why not just go with the purple chroma 2? why only give yourself blue or red at separate times, when you can do both at once? another unnecessary option I think.

I've been wondering about this... There were some posts about the light therapy maybe not working as well when the Blue and Red lights were combined at the same time, something about the wavelengths causing interference. But then some people said this didn't happen...

Either way, for now I ordered a device with separate heads, but was thinking about eventually getting the $600 triple head Red/Blue acne lamp from dimaluxe, so... need to figure out whether blue and red at once works the same way as doing them separately...

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I didnt think of that interference problem, so I suppose we will see. Let me know how the separate blue and red lights work versus the dual mixed lights. I was also looking at the Lightstim. The pulse is the first one I have purchased so its pretty new to me. I am excited and hopeful that it will be worth it. 4-6 weeks is a long time to keep up with something before seeing a difference, but I think what I have seen so far is probably just the switch to NC makeup.

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Well, the separate blue and red seems to be working, I have been using my Acetino Pro (same as Sirius Auora) for a week and there is definitely improvement over the blue-only tanda zap. I do blue first then red, but i don't have a combined light to compare it to.

I suppose if a professional medical suppy company like Dimaluxe produces the acne lamp with combined blue and red light, the combined light must work too but i wish there were more studies with hard data we could look at.

My next question is, What is the difference between Pulsed and Continuous light? My device has a pulse feature and recommends doing pulse mode followed by continuous, but i don't see any actual data or studies describing the difference...

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