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Sprintec To Lo Loestrin Fe To Kelnor 1 35. Will It Ever Work?

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So here it goes...I am 16 years old and started taking Sprintec in September hoping it would regulate my periods and help clear my acne. By the second week of October I had been heavily bleeding for 2 weeks straight. I ended up in the hospital because I was very sick and passed out a couple of times (not to mention I was an emotional wreck and couldn't stop eating). My acned had not budged. I then switched to Lo Loestrin Fe and it did improve my mood although I didn't have my period at all for 2 months and my acne seriously EXPLODED. I forced myself to wait for over 2 months to see if it would change but it only kept getting worse. When I spoke to my doctor she said that it was a low estrogen but with high androgen activity. I think she put me on it for the period control and didn't think about the acne. Anyway, I said I hated it and wanted to try another. At that point I went on Kelnor 1 35 (demulen and Zovia are the same). It is an old school pill but its high estrogen with low androgen activity so it should help, right??

I am currently at the beginning of my 3rd week on this pill and I feel pretty good except I don't think my acne is really improving. sad.png It seems different but not better. I now have big, sore, red zits cropping up througout the day and forming clusters around my temples and jaw. They don't seems to last long but new ones keep coming! It's an ever changing landscape. It seems to have improved my whitehead activity and my cheecks aren't quite as bad. And will my chest and back ever clear up?!!

I guess I need some encouragement. Is there a chance this will continue to improve? I know my body is adjusting to the new hormone levels but its so emotionally draining. Better one day, worse the next. I just want to feel normal and pretty again.

Anyone else have experience on these pills?

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