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whats the best way to help get rid of cystic acne?

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WTF I all the sudden started getting cystic acne (the kind thats like under ur skin or the kind that has no head, right?) Whats the best thing to do for it before it flares up big time?

I was doin AWESOME until this fuckin disease decided to show up

like what about accutane? I've been on all the other drugs (retina, differen, clindamyacin u name it) before and they havent done anything. Should I ask my doctor about this so that it doesnt get reaaaalllly worse?

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Yea, cystic acne is a bitch. Get to a dr before that shit flares up, cause man last year I didn't have a clue what a cyst was, and didn't see the warning signs. It eventually broke out, has since gone away, leaving scars on the right side of my face where a very large sideburn would grow if we were in the 80's tongue.gif as well as red marks that I have only since found out how to really bring down. Don't wait, make an appointment and ask for some meds, as well as a derm visit.

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Same here..get to the derm and ask for accutane.

Within 2 weeks my skin went from 4 pimples to absolute nightmare case of cystic acne...2 months on and its still that bad that i wont leave the house and ive been on accutane for like 7 weeks now. Cystic acne is an absolute shit and it can wreak HAVOC in a very short space of time as well as scarring.I would go get it checked out Pronto. (sp?)

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