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Does Anybody Know Anything About Chloride?

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i may have never had a harder time researching a mineral, then i have had trying to find good information about chloride.

there are scientific articles that have gone into great depth about the important roles it plays in the human body, apparently, there is no food that contains any significant amount of chloride, 1 cup of tomatoes supposedly contains 100mg, but the rda is 2300mg or so, and i cant get any info as to how much salt i need to eat to obtain enough chloride from sodium chloride.

its getting frustrating, we are told to limit our salt intake, yet its the only real source of chloride? by this time i thought i had known all there is to know about every dietary topic and myth, but i suppose i have much more work to do here. damn.

chloride is a component of hydrochloric acid, which is step #1 in limiting bacterial growth in the intestine, and is absolutly essential for sleep related behaviors in the brain as well as calming anxiety, look at gaba induced chloride influx, this allows a reduction in action potentials in the brain turning it off for sleep. i have read one study that gave mice high doses of sodium chloride which is basic table salt, and it made them more socially active then another comparable group, indicating an anti-anxiety effect, which gives some supportive evidence to the beliefs in its role in anti-anxiety. another interesting possible connection is that people with anxiety have been found to have hypochloridia, and intestinal issues, suggesting a possible chloride deficit. also, people with digestive issues tend to have acne, and there is an acne myth or fact im not sure, that iodine makes acne worse or causes it, which im not sure is true at all, but if people are avoiding salt, they could be making there acne and anxiety worse, and it has been well documented by science that acne patients have associated anxiety. so you can see the support that seems to exist for this theory and this little talked about nutrient.

if anyone knows anything, please do help me!!

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I have access to some medical databases that require a subscription otherwise. I'll search some stuff when I have time to see if anything relevant comes up.

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