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Seriously In Need Of Some Expertise. Tretinoin Ib, Or Bad Regimen?

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Seriously In Need Of Some Expertise. Tretinoin Ib, Or Faulty Regimen?

I've had moderate to severe acne all of my adolescence. After turning 18, the severity of it decreased, but I still found myself getting pesky cysts and black/white heads. On December 1st, though my acne wasn't that terrible at the time and I could at least manage it, I decided to go out on a limb and treat my skin with the tretinoin(.01% gel) that I was prescribed over half a year ago. I knew what I was getting myself into. I was prepared for the initial breakout, for the dry, sensitive skin, for the emotional stress. I felt like I could brave all of this for the sake of clear skin, and the promise of an increased self-worth. Well, now I'm starting to think otherwise.

I am now 5 weeks in, and my skin just doesn't look any better. I started experiencing my IB after just the second week, and I thought things would be smooth sailing from there, but it has been the exact opposite. I've heard that the appearance of your skin reflects how things are internally, but I'm at a loss because I've been doing so much to stay healthy. I drink plenty of water a day ― ionized water, to be specific, with a super alkaline pH of 9.5 ― and at least three cups of organic green tea as well(also prepared with the ionized water). I'm sure this has helped some, because I know from the past that acidic carbonated beverages really break me out. Diet is also important to me. I eat as healthily as I can considering the rest of my family doesn't pay much attention to diet(save my mother). What I'm getting at is that I don't think my acne reflects anything going on internally. That wouldn't make sense.

I should also go ahead and mention that I've been on an oral antibiotic(Bactrim DS) for about two weeks now. I wish I had begun taking the antibiotic at the same time I started using the tretinoin. Maybe then my IB wouldn't have been so harsh, who knows. At any rate, I haven't seen any results from the antibiotic yet. I'm starting to wonder if my regimen needs adjustments. Please inform me if I need to make some adjustments. In the morning, I am using a cleanser from the makers of Proactiv called X-out. It has a very high amount of BP. 8.5%, to be exact. After it dries, I put on a few drops of JoJoba oil to keep the flaking at bay. In the evening, I use Acne Free Severe cleanser. It has a milder 2.5% amount of BP in it, along with some antibacterial ingredients. I wait at least 45 minutes for my skin to dry, then I apply the tretinoin, following by JoJoba oil an hour after that.

Redness and inflammation has been my main concern. My chin and looks absolutely dreadful, though I have noticed that a new cyst hasn't popped up in a while. Mainly whiteheads. The pigmentation makes it look a lot worse, however. I did a Makuna honey mask last night for the first time. I couldn't tell a huge difference. I also apply aloe on my scars a couple of times a day. I've noticed this helps some.

Anyways, any tips? This is taking such an emotional toll on me seeing how I have a date in two or three weeks.


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