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Gaahh Chest Breakout - Help

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I've always suffered acne worst with my chest and I'm still fighting breakouts - at the grand old age of 25. I knew I had a few zits there but when I went out to the bathroom last night and looked in the mirror it was covered in blotches. Obviously the light and the acne scars made it look even worse, but it's still a problem. It's not a huge deal because I don't have a partner or anything, so I'm the only person who sees me undressed. It's not good for the ol' self-esteem, all the same. :/

I was on lymecyline a few months ago but I stopped after it was messing up my stomach and giving me palpitations. Since then I've been taking multivitamin and zinc supplements, whilst cleansing with tea tree oil. As for my diet, I'm not sure how much I attribute that to my acne. It could be the effects of all the junk I ate over Christmas, but my face has remained relatively okay since then. And I've really noticed a significant correlation between the two, anyway. I don't know where to turn.

Thanks for reading.

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What topical products have you tried? A one-two punch of a good AHA product and then BP should give you significant relief. The tough skin on the chest and back really benefits from an AHA.

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I've heard some good things about AHA. It doesn't appear to be easy to get hold of in the UK. I've found one I could import over Amazon.

Can't say I've heard of Quinoderm before. Does it come highly recommended?

Which is it to be?

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Yes quinoderm you can get in uk as i used to use it loads. its pretty good stuff and not too expensive either - give it a go what you got to loose! Google it! Sell it in every chemist like superdrug or boots but over the counter bit. Dont need a perscription. Its like a cream i think it contains AHA!

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Hi there, you could try something I found by accident. I was treating another skin problem when I found this cleared by back and chest acne. Sadly it did not clear it on my face. I was told by my dermatologist to use Nizarol (anti dandruff shampoo) for Tinea versicolor ( a nasty rash ). I applied it thickly over the entire area, with help for my back, before bed and washed it off in the shower in the morning. Its sticky and will foam up as its supposed to be a shampoo so wait for it to dry a little before putting PJs on. In the day I used an antifungal cream. I did this everyday for a week. My skin peeled off and it was gross but you can cover it up and exfoliate. In this time clean all your bedding and bedclothes.

I found that my bad chest and back acne has never returned or my Tinea Versicolor. I still get the odd spot there but not anywhere near as bad.

I tried washing my face with Nizirol and it cleared me for two weeks but stopped working, I dont know if I would clear if I left it on overnight but I cant test it as the peeling would be aweful to go to work with.

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