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Tca Cross Healing Time

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Hi everyone. I went to the derm the other day to talk about acne scar treatments and set up an appointment for a TCA Cross treatment. I hope it will help some! I was wondering how others experiences were with this treatment and also the healing time. He said about 5 days.. I sure hope it is 5 days because I have something big coming up about 6 days after the treatment!!

Thank you!

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I would say it would still be red after five days. But I just did a TCA peel and not cross. Maybe someone else can give you better info. If you are getting it done in alot of areas, I would say just wait till after your big event, it is a risk.

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Oy, I'm late in responding..

did you get it done?

I'm on day 5 of my TCA Cross treatment. If i were going to a wedding or something big, I wouldn't do TCA cross with only a 5 day window for complete healing.. As I said I'm on day 5, and the healing is OK, but there are still flakey scabs from the coagulated ice pick scar where 100% TCA was applied. I can go out to normal everyday things, but if i were going to be photographed, there is flakeys on my skin, and still scabs.. tiny as they may be, an HD 12MP camera could prob. catch them if magnified.

See when I go out to big events I like to get glorious glowing skin, so i'd hope to do a mask or some mini peel, and 5 days after cross you have to concrete on letting the scabs heal without interference, so you can even exfoliate or scrub skin by day 5.

at least for me- mind you although my ice pick scars are tinyish 1-2 mms i treated about 15 on each side of my cheeks.

so if you are only have cross on like 2 scars ahhh, in that case you might be fine.

Anwyays, if you did get it done (TCA Cross) how did you think it went ?

So far I'm realllllly happy!

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