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I'm pretty sure I have hormonal acne. I THINK. I'm not exactly sure. I got oily skin and pimples in 7th grade, which is when I was about 12 or 13; so basically when puberty started. I still have pimples and oily skin. More than then but it's not severe. Pretty light.

I haven't noticed I get more spots around my cycle, but it could be a possibility.

What are signs of hormonal acne? And what should I use to clear it?

Thanks! :)

*The picture included is in about November when I was having a strange breakout with skin colored bumps on my face and some irritated ones/whiteheads. This is in natural light.



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I think all acne is really hormonal acne, ppl with acne just have imbalanced hormoness even if they are 50. When you hit puberty, it just starts off your overactive hormones and it could be caused by drinking milk because milk has been shown to cause puberty to start at an early age so it has to affect your hormones somewhat.

Your really pretty btw! :]

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Yes, all acne is hormonal.

Hormones trigger signals that tell your body to create certain conditions which can cause acne either directly or indirectly.

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