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Gah...is There Any Hope For Us? Going On 2 Years Now...

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I've been getting extremely frustrated with my red marks. Almost 2 years ago, I got a two very nasty zits to the left of my nose...well, they left nice, dark brown spots that have been haunting me ever since. Then, about a year ago, I got a very NORMAL zit (which I didn't poke or pick at) on the right side of my nose, and that has stayed too! Now I have three ugly dots on my face around my nose! The one on the right hasn't turned brown, but it's still bright red.

I feel like I've tried everything. Here's a quick breakdown:

-Started at a dermatologist. He said "it will heal, give it more time, etc" That visit cost like $150. :/

-Skin lightening lotion (nothing noticeable...though it made some of the skin AROUND it even lighter, making it worse)

-Laser treatment for sun spots (I was desperate...no it didn't do anything lol.)


-Most recently, a chemical peel...my skin does look better, but the spots are out in full force.

I'm at my whit's end. They are so embarrassing. They are hard to take pictures of, but I assure you they are far more noticeable in person. sad.png



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Those are still pimples, instead they have been DORMANT, not ACTIVE. Your skins moisture level and pH aren't balanced that's why those pores are still clogged, deep in the pore. Essentially they are still unclogged pores, with dead skin trapped in the bottoms of the pores. The only way to treat that is to allow your skin to restore the pH balance (acid mantle) and allow the skin the function again, unclogged.

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Interesting...even though the marks are flat? How could I help it heal faster? I've been looking at Apple Cider Vinegar....is that a reasonable idea? I guess it doesn't matter much, I've tried way more expensive options!

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Chemical peels seem to work the best for me. I did the lighteners thing too and I didn't notice any difference.

I think the best one for hyperpigmentation is generally going to be lactic, or TCA if you don't mind being out of commission for a while.

I've been doing 50% lactic roughly once a week for a few months now and the marks are lighter. My marks don't seem to go away even after years, so I don't think they're just going away naturally. And to bolster that claim: they didn't change at all even when I used the lightener for months.

I'm not really familiar with what "steven m jacobson" is referring to and I don't see much in the way of google results for it. I'm sorry to say I kind of doubt his claim and the fact that he's most active in Nutrition & Holistic Health tempts me to dismiss it entirely.

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