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Keep Getting Cyst On My Forehead Really Bad

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Ive had two big bumps on my forehead since I started they still have not went down. I know it suppose to get worse before it gets better but it is still HUGE! looks like I got in hit in the head since its a cyst acne.. Any clue what could be making this worse? Diet? I work out 5 days a week and eat healthy before I work out ill take some kind of energy drink but I been doing that for 2 years now and ever since october last year my acne just started breaking out really bad and it was never like this.. Im using the right lotion and face wash its just really bad on my forehead my chin and every where else is clear... Idk If that is a sign or what? Im 2 months in almost on my course but the cyst are not going away at all was not sure if this is a sign or what.. HELP!


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Brian I'm into my 3rd week (also work out daily) and the first two weeks I kept getting pretty large nodular like bumps daily it seems that is just our luck in the whole purging process. Do leave them alone I only popped one that came to a head and it went away rather quickly after that but most are under the skin, raised like you said resembling a bruise and quiet red and tender to the touch. I did find dabbing on Manuka Honey (found at Vitamin Shoppe) helped more then anything else and I started washing my face with this stuff called YES TO TOMATO. Try dropping the energy drink and maybe try the Energy Vitamin water drink it's loaded with B vitamins. I also added in some probiotic pills and some liver supplements but I think the key to treating your bumps will be the Manuka Honey it's pretty awesome stuff. I work from home so I am able to leave it on the spots most of the day you could dab some on the spots before bed and cover your pillow with a towel and try to keep your from sleeping on your side. It took about 4 days for them to go down but it does work.

I also forgot to mention that you might want to talk to your Dermatologist about being put on a course of Bactrim that stuff will knock them out as well and keep any others from coming up. Bactrim is okay to take with Isoterin.

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hmm yea when I was working out in the summer I was taking a vitamin everyday but it has to much vitamin A in it which thats what accutane is mostly and iodine was in it which was bad I was using muscle drinks last year but that should have nothing to do with it not Ill drink a energy drink here n there for work in the morning but i been doing the same thing I have been doing for years I even been cleaning my pillow cases every two days when I do work clothes laundry idk im going to keep going on the accutane till the end im on 60 mg a day right now she said she would be highering the dosage is its the same when I go back the 24th.. Ill have to check out the honey forsure.. Thanks for the advice im just hoping it all works out I have acouple acne on my chin n stuff but nothing big im not looking for perfect skin just looking for my skin to be alittle normal not some big ass bumps that look like i got hit with a bat. hahaha Thanks for the advice.

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