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Weird thing happened to me today

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Well i was changin one of my class schedule and i saw this beautiful girl, i was extremely attracted to her(my type), but i was all looking down and whatnot and when her boyfriend comes over he had acne scars!, i was like no freaking way, this is god just making me miserable. Honestly i felt life, i mean he had worst scars than i did and his were visible(front of cheeks) mine are covered by my hair(scars are near sideburns) I never compare myself to other people when any type of suffering is involved but it really opened my eyes, at least for the rest of the day smile.gif

-Sorry i can't really talk about this with my friends here(don't even notice a change in me), but i wanted to let it out smile.gif

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Really pretty girls can have super low self esteem. I'm gay and all my friends are girls. They will often hang around with fatter girls, or a guy that is obviously less attractive, because it makes them look better, and feel better about themselves.

At the same rate, I also believe that in time, you can learn to love anyone, and the appeal of looks is fleeting.

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People (male or female) who judge solely by looks are shallow. My husband has perfect skin but we are still together. If someone doesn't like you because you have acne scars then they really aren't worth your time and energy.

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There are guys out there that are not shallow like my boyfriend. He has beautiful skin and is absolutely gorgeous. I often wonder why he is with me when he can get someone better looking. I live in Los Angeles and there are a lot of pretty good looking women around.

I know he loves me but I can't help but wonder "why me". blink.gif

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