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Can Spectro Jel (Blemish Prone Skin) Affect Skin Healing Process?

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Hi, I use Spectro jel (The Purple Bottle One) as my face cleanser morning and night and its safe to say that I have acne under control and don't break out anymore. I'm wondering, by any chance, if the Spectro jel may Slow down the process for the redness and light scars from healing. I keep hearing "Go natural!" which is what I am aiming for but I'm being a little skeptical if what I think is helping me is actually hurting me. I only apply it on my skin for about 4 minutes and massage it every morning and night and then a rinse it off. But in those 4 minutes, could it affect my skin considering I use it twice a day every day for the past 4 months?

I may be over thinking this a little but it's better to know in case.


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I love Spectro Jel and I use the same face cleanser as you, in the purple bottle. It is a great cleanser, it doesn't leave the skin dehydrated and dry. Because it is so moisturizing maybe the skin cells aren't shedding as fast as they would and that could slow down healing? In any case, I would keep using it if you are clear now and wait out the healing process. It has been the only cleanser to keep my skin clear, I think if you switched now you might start breaking out again. If anything it is really good for your skin.

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I've been only using Spectro Jel and haven't tried any other cleansers ever. I don't plan on switching it or anything, just curious if it has any negative effects for using to much or something. I just want my skin to heal and have nothing get in it's way that can make a difference.

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