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Hello Breakout, We Meet Again, Fml

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Well i went last week with my skin, what i thought was recovering, but was most likely just the bp i was putting on it which was making my face red so you couldn't see the acne marks. I thought bp was working, then wake up in the morning with really dry skin peeling off my face and 2 new big under the skin spots greeting me. I can't take much more of this, i'm going to college on monday, well i'm supposed to be, i think the way my skin looks now, i hope i get hit with a bus or something before college starts, i look fucking terrible, my life is in the shitter because i have utterly no confidence whatsoever because of my diseased ugly face. The gp doesn't think i should get accutane because it isn't severe enough. All about money with these gp's, they couldn't give a fuck how i feel or what this disease has done to my life, i think i will buy accutane online as it is the only proven thing to work and the gp won't listen and keeps handing me these shit topicals and shit antibiotics which do fuck all. I'm not religious at all but, i must have done something very bad in my last life to deserve this, i've not been out the house now in 2 weeks, i'm miserable all the time, i think everyone would be better off without me, i'm a spotty disgrace and i don't know how much more of this i can take, no-one wants to help.

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I know how you're feeling oh too well my friend (Acne got me kicked out of 4 colleges and 2 apprenticeships), the GPs put you on anti-biotics that they know themselves don't work or are useless in the long run. Nobody deserves acne, it's a mentally and emotionally traumatic thing to experience, it changes you and turns you into a person you don't want to be. I can't suggest what to use (as I don't use anything besides salt water), but I will say that you should try to get out the house. It may feel as though everyone is watching you, making comments, thinking horrible thoughts but I assure you they're not. Once you get into the habit of going outside again, it won't feel as bad compared to when you're sitting at home, contemplating going outside and playing out scenarios in your head which will NOT happen. The person who sees your acne in the most negative light is the acne sufferer, because we're our own worst critic. I don't want you to die, we only get one life in an eternity, though it can get rough at times, don't give up, I believe you will find your cure eventually. In the meantime (not that you don't already) try to drink more water and cut down on the BP/eliminate it if you can. I used to use BP which gave me large red under the skin lumps that I couldn't get rid of, period. Yes I had less whiteheads, but in return I was left with red lumpy skin which lowered my tolerance to the sun. Just my 2 cents though. I hope you feel better soon. comfort.gif

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