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Can I Exfoliate Even Though Im On These 2?

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Hey guys i have been using Dalacin T in the morning, and Retin-A Micro at night for the last year or so. I have broken out randomly and the acne has never gone away.

Right now i broke out badly out of nowhere on my forhead and its getting annoying. I have a really strict diet, and do not scrub. I have done plenty of research to help eliminate all sorts of things that may cause acne but i don't know what keeps on making me break out.

Anyway, i am 17 almost 18, and a male.

I would like to know when, or if i can even exfoliate. I have never done it before in my life, but just bought the Vichy NormaDerm Gel Exfoliant after tons of research.

I want to know when i should exfoliate. And say i exfoliate at night, can i apply Retin a like a half hour after or so? Or if i exfoliate in the morning, can i apply the Dalacin T after?

I am very stuck on what i should or should not do now that i bought an exfoliating gel. I know it can go either two ways, really well or really badly if my skin turns out to be too sensitive.

All help is appreciated. Thanks!! smile.png

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