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About 6 months ago I bought The Regimen and I believed it would be the cure. I began using it twice a day and for the first 2 days everything was normal then the itchiness and redness began. I continued using the same amount but after 5 days I gave up. My face was an absolute mess. I looked sun burnt but worst of all the flakiness. It was disgusting to look at. I stopped using the Regimen and it took about a week for my skin to go back to what it was before. I vowed never to touch the regimen again.

Fast forward to December 26th I began the regimen again. This time I acknowledged that I made the No.1 mistake:

Starting too fast and quitting to early.

Instead of using twice a day I began with once a day and perhaps using slightly less of the BP on my finger. At about day 3 again my face was getting the itchiness and dryness. Instead of persisting I did not use it the next day. I went back to once a day on day 5 and have kept going which comes to today. Day 9.

My face is a little bit dry and a little bit red but its very manageable.

Today I have begun using it for twice in a day.

I hope it goes well.

I will keep this updated.

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Starting slow is key, but so is gradually working your way up to the full bp. By week 6 you should be using a full fingers length of bp, or two pumps if you have the big size. This is perhaps more crucial than starting slow. Dryness and irritation is very normal over the first couple months. But it will slowly upside. Just don't be afraid to up the bp dosage, even if you are dry! You say you are currently "a little dry" and that is a sign to up your bp if you are a week and a half in. Being VERY dry is normal throughout the first month or so. Don't give up! The dryness will subside! But your acne won't unless you are sure to ramp up bp to the full dosage!

When I was starting I was using a full fingers length of bp by week 4 and by week 5 the dryness was MUCH better. First few weeks are just tough. Good luck!

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My face is becoming noticeably red and and become flaky. The irritation has gotten worse. My face feels like its stretching too much when I do any expression.

I'm going to leave it off for tonight and leave it off for tomorrow as well. I'm going to decide after that whether I will continue with the regimen. I had very mild acne to start off with. I don't think this is worth it.

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I started the regime twice a day and with a lot of bp, it worked fantastically, but since my acne was only on certian parts of my face, my face looked like a fake tan gone wrong. I have learnt how to use the regime proparly with dans products, and now I don't use it on the morning, yep, I just cleanse and mousterize, that's it, and on the night I apply about the end part of a fingers worth, and one pump of mousterizer with some jojoba oil, I feel like twice a day with the amount dan tells you to use it not right for me, I do this, and my face has no acne, a couple bumps appear some times, but I have the acne gene, thats inevitable!

I also sometimes don't use BP on a night if my face is getting a little too orange, and sometimes I don't use BP and use AHA+ instead!

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i say just use the bp in the areas you have the most acne & MOISTURIZE!! plenty....also i have a habit of moisturizing first then after it soaks in, then applying benzoyl peroxide....ive been doing this for like half a year and my skin is super clear

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