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Facewashes Never Worked For Me, Only Dianette And Now I Can't Have It Anymore. Should I Try Roaccutane?

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Ridiculously long thread title but I couldn't think of a decent short title that said what I wanted it to say.

I am 25 and had mild-moderate acne since my early teens. I was put on antibiotics and Retin-A (made the skin on my face crack and bleed and benzoyl peroxide. Then they put me on Dianette and my skin miraculously cleared up. I have been on Dianette for nearly 10 years. I changed doctors when I moved out of my parents home and discovered that no other doctors would prescribe it to me. I have since found out that this is supposed to be a short trem solution, so 3 years ago I tried coming off it and onto Yasmin - didn't work, spots came back, so I went back on it until late last year when I came off it again, and the spots came back. What should I do? Should I try Roaccutane? It would be private as my skin probably isn't bad enough for NHS treatment.

Please help!!

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That is a bummer that you cannot have Dianette anymore. If you have tried other medications for acne with no success, then accutane can be prescribed. And if your acne is not that bad, then you could get a low dose of accutane. It is worth talking about with your doctor.

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Yeah maybe you're suitable for low dose treatment. Mine was 20mg for 2 months then only 10mg and it worked. But...I still get occasional breakouts now that I'm off it (2 years now). It just isn't as bad as it used to be.

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