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Just Got Prescribed Prednisone...worried About Side Effects

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Hi all,

I'm 20, and I've always had the pimple here and there since high school but for whatever reason, it became really bad cystic acne the past four months. I've tried a bunch of different antibiotic medications--doxycycline, minocycline and topical stuff--Ziana and clyndamacine/benozyl peroxide and it hasn't done too much. Went to see a third dermatologist today and he prescribed me 10 mg of Prednisone for a month (4 tablets first week, 3 the second, 2 the third and 1 the final week).

Had no idea what it was until I googled and realized it was a steroid! Eek! Looks like there's tons of scary side effects so now I'm wary of it. My dermatologist prescribed it to me as a "quick-fix" for my existing acne but told me to keep taking the doxycline,

Any prednisone stories out there? What was it like for you? I'm especially scared about the potential weight gain...

EDIT: I've noticed a lot of people who get prescribed this are on Accutane but I'm not.

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Prednisone is supposed to take out all the inflammation from acne and help you begin the healing process, which is why your doc said to continue the doxycycline. Typically it should not be taken long term, so how long did your doc prescribe the prednisone for? I typically see prednisone prescribed for a couple weeks, but I have heard of someone taking it for a month.

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Well, I was on it for pneumonia long-term on a very high dose, but I had a nasty experience. I ended up getting a lot of complications mental health related (I have preexisting conditions), but my face became swollen, and I retained a lot of fluid. You're also really susceptible to infections on Prednisone, so it's not a medication I would take lightly. Again though, that's just my experience.

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