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Is This Hormonal Acne

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Hi, im 16 yeas old, and recently have been using apple cider vinegar as a cleanser and a drink. Im happy to say it has reduced my acne alot, however the wierd thing is that my forehead is totally clear, and so are the upper half of my cheeks. But the lower half of my cheeks, around my mouth and my jaw area always get several new breakouts, particulary the jaw area, the chin isnt that bad though. What the hell is this

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Well I have heard that for women, acne around the jaw line/chin is largely hormonal. Don't really know what to say for men about this. But it's likely... I may be able to attest to it. I'm on Retin-A and Erythromycin (6 months), I'm a 19 year old female and I can tell that my acne moves around depending on what time of the month it is or if my medication is working. My uncle is a dermatologist and he says that most likely the acne I still get is hormonal. Often I think that my acne clears up on my forehead, then breaks out on my chin, and then vice versa. I rarely get it on my cheeks, and only blackheads on my nose. Dunno why. If it really bothers you I suggest getting a mild prescription or just try some OTC products (I like the neutrogena oil free wash, and I used benzoyl peroxide for years..)

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most acne in the lower part of your face is hormonal. i know mine is but i'm also in my twenties and since your only sixteen, it might just be regular acne. I hope for your sake it is because then you might just grow out of it, but i feel like you never grow out of hormonal acne.

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