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I've been a follower of these boards for several months now and know many of your stories ... stalker much, right? L0L smile.png So tomorrow morning I will go and pick up my first round of accutane; really excited and nervous also!! I've tried it all and this is the last option to get rid of my acne. Hmm ...I hate that word-acne; along with bumps, pimples, cysts, whiteheads, blackheads, knots!! I just really dont want to have to use any of them again!! I know, impossible dream!! Anyways, back to my acne, I have severe cystic acne and pustules that runs along my entire jawline (both sides) it goes from my ear to my chin, it also runs up from my ears to my temples along with being on my lower cheeks. I will also have 1-2 on my forehead at any given time. Yeah, I could have said my WHOLE FACE and you'd have gotten the idea!! My acne reached it's worse when I got pregnant, most of mine is hormonal, but even after giving birth (to a handsome 8lb boy) it didn't get better and it has only gotten worse. Now 15 months later after trying numerous washes, scrubs, creams, gels, antibiotics and more I'm beginning what seems to be the only thing left. I realized I had run out of choices and couldn't live like this any longer. For fear of sounding vain ... yes, my skin has took an emotional strain on me, I cry a couple times a week because of how bad it is, I shudder when my son touches my face, I look at the ground when out in public hoping people wont notice ... but the 2 main reasons I'm beginning accutane with all its (possible) bad side effects are 1) I'm in so few of my sons pictures, he has over 1700 and I'm in less than 15 because I'm so ashamed of how I look and 2) I ran into a person I went to high school with, they then looked me up on Facebook that night and sent me a message that said "it's called proactiv,UGLY" Yeah, talk about a hard blow!! ANYWAYS!! Any tips,advice,support would all be greatly appreciated!! I have already began to take fish oil to hopefully bypass any joint pain and I've stocked up on 7 kinds of lip moisturizers to figure out what works best!! I plan on updating everyone at least once a week if not more and will TRY to post monthly pictures (scary bc I havent taken a picture w/o make-up in years!!) I hope everyone has success with their journey, Good Luck!!

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Thank You and yes it resulted in A LOT of tears; some hurtful and some angry ... I don't understand either :(

I'm new to this blogging and website thing ... sorry ... I'll repost to that area!! Thank You for your help!!

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