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So i was thinking about changing my cleanser. Right now I use the St. Ives green tea scrub, and it worked the first week or so, and then just stopped working in general, giving me more acne. I've been using it for about a month or so now, and I think it's time for a change. After reading Dan's blog, and looking over the routine that acne.org suggests (the cleanser, followed by 2.5% bp, and then a moisturizer), I figured I shouldn't be so harsh on my skin, and that irritation from my cleanser now isn't good for my acne. I have moderate-seveare acne, oily, and sensitive skin. The scrub probably isn't very good on my skin, and I feel like it's ruining it, making my acne even worse than before. I have a few products in mind, but you're welcome to suggest different ones too! (:

• Clean & Clear foaming facial cleanser - from what i've read, it burns, makes skin red and flakey, but works well

• Purpose gentle cleansing wash - apparently it gets rid of acne slowly, but doesn't dry out skin and removes makeup (though i don't wear any)

• Neutrogena extra gentle cleanser - supposedly doesn't feel like it's truly cleansed your skin, and feels lotiony on skin

• Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser - seems pretty good, dries out skin


ps - i've read most of the reviews for all of these products on here, and it seems like purpose gentle cleansing wash is probably best, since it doesn't dry out the skin as much as the other cleansers do. I'm looking for a cleanser that won't dry out my skin, since afterwards i'll apply 2.5% bp which dries out my skin like crazy, leaving it unbearable.

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With skin sensitivity, cleansing is crucial in preventing irritation. So it's good you're trying to change. However, a good scrub can help--the difference is how gentle you are when cleansing. Lightly gliding the cleanser over the skin (after making a generous lather in your hands first) for 10-30 seconds should be fine with a "scrub." Just make sure the beads are uniform. Lack of uniformity and aggressively rubbing the scrub into the skin can induce inflammation and cause "microtears" in the skin--although I don't know the scientific claims behind this. Just know it's not a good idea.

Any cleanser that feels "lotiony," as you mentioned, means it doesn't provide a lather. These are the gentlest types of cleansers. A lather is irrelevent to a skin's cleanliness. We're just trained to think of lathering soap as a cleaning agent, however this is absolutely not necessary. If you want to use a non-lathering cleanser, just try to think about how gentle you are being with your skin, and make sure to rinse of thoroughly. That mindset might help smile.png

Any of the bottom 3 would be best to try first.

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Purpose would be my pick of your four. I just wish they didn't put fragrance in it. I would avoid the scrubs. I would recommend you use a toner after you wash. Check out Mario Badescu's Alpha-Grapefruit or Glycolic Toner. Neither have alcohol and both gently exfoliate. Make sure you use a sunscreen. Once your acne flare-up subsides, try using baking soda very gently a couple times a week to exfoliate. Good luck!

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