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Just Need A Fellow Opinion

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Ok, I've been using Acanya, DIfferin, and Minocycline for months. And they have been really working for me. I went to the beach and I'm there for a couple weeks. I was out of Mino, meaning finished it while I (still am currently) at the beach. My mom said that she has Mino at home for me which she can mail to me, but she talked to my derm to see if i needed it and if it would break me out. I'm just nervous. My derm said that nothing would happen if I didn't take it for a couple weeks, especially since I'm on the Acanya and Differin. I've gotten a couple pimples the last couple of days and I'm getting nervous that I need to be on the Mino. My doctor said that taking a break would not break me out/it's totally fine, especially with the possibility of photo sensitivity. What do you guys think and are the couple pimples stress from worrying, from being off of the pill, or just natural? Thank you very much for whoever can answer this question. And should I just not take the Mino for a couple weeks like she said which is fine or get them? Just don't want the pimples being because I'm off of Mino. Trying not to stress out over it. Thanks a lot.

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I would have your mom mail the Mino, but don't take it right away. Wait a few days, if it they don't heal or get worse, I would start taking the Mino again.

Maybe you don't need the Mino, and your just worried a little bit.

There's really no way to find out unless you try.

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Hey I would recommend getting the mino in your possession. I took it for a year and it really helped my skin but I noticed that if I didn't take it for a few days I began to slowly break out. Antibiotics work but not for the long run. I tanned every day with mino in the summer and I just got a little bit reder than usual. I would like to direct you to my regimen that has kept me clear for 6 months. Here is the link:http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/309169-regimen-that-cleared-up-my-cystic-acne/page__fromsearch__1

Best of luck!

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