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History And Advice For Acne (Pictures Included)

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A little about my history with acne.

Around age 16 I got my first signs of acne. Very large cysts, inflammation, scarring. Went to see a dermatologist and was prescribed tazorac, doxycyclin (sp?), and benzaclin. Acne healed within a few months and all was good for a few months until I stupidly stopped using the medications and thought that I had outgrown the acne.

Age 17. Acne came back with a vengeance right before high school graduation. Went back to dermatologist and was put back on tazorac, doxy, and spot treatment benzaclin. I also started using neutrogena astringent (2.0% salicylic acid) in the mornings and evenings before I applied tazorac. With this combination and the summer sun I once again became clear, only this time I did not stop treatment (I did stop antibiotics) and kept using throughout the winter. I went off to college and may face stayed clear the whole time i was 18 (not clear, but not so depressing I wouldn't want to leave the house).

Age 19. Summer after college I discontinued use of astringent. Skin was beautiful (my standards of beautiful skin, no where close to REAL beautiful skin) during the summer, hardly any breakouts, and when I would it would be a white head that would pop on its own and heal. Second semester of college came and I once again moved back to school. Started getting some minor breakouts, but nothing so demeaning it would affect my studies. A week before finals I got an alarming breakout and it took a week to heal (luckily I was studying in my apartment that whole week). It healed right before I had some pretty important interviews to due with school so I was very grateful. It seems my acne always gets better before some important event. Anyway, finals come and I crush them. Got a 4.0 in every class so I was pretty excited. Enter Christmas break. My acne has been unleashing the wrath of my former 16 year old self. During this time I have gotten two gentle wave treatments due to some scarring and I really hope that has nothing to do with it. During this time I have started to spot treat with 10% BP and have since continued the use of astringent: Clean n Clear deep cleaning 2.0% salicylic acid astringent. I have only used the BP on one pimple and it seemed to help. But damn, the rest of my face has taken a beating. I made an appointment with the dermatologist on Thursday and will hopefully try Retin-A before I decide to go on accutane. I really don't want any health issues from using accutaune sad.png.

I have very oil skin, mostly in the t-zone area. I have been eating a lot of red meat during break, which I think might be an issue. If anyone has any suggestions, support, or anything I will be very appreciative. Acne sucks sad.png.

right side: http://www.mediafire...i1kxmb4we0k926v


front view: http://www.mediafire...oo7p7s7jp5bi6r1


Left side: http://www.mediafire...0wh8rbiaopdzaru


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Aw dang, I've been there with you - I've suffered for about 10 years. I feel your frustration, but you will find a treatment that works for you - you will!

I've been through many derm appointments, several prescription meds including Benzaclin, and two rounds of doxycyline, with Epiduo and later Retin-A before I was told I needed to seriously think about going with Accutane. (I ditched the derm and prescription meds shortly after that though since my skin developed a tolerance to benzoyl peroxide, which I used to be highly sensitive to. Now I'm on the DKR.)

So yeah, I've been there - a lot of people here too. Good luck, and I hope your appt goes well!

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