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My Skin Isn't Flaking :/ Does This Mean It Isn't Working?

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Before I ordered the regimen, I was trying out Neutrogenas 2.5% benzol but i decided to just order these products. I ve been on the regimen for 4 days and my skin is nt really flaking, its a little red and dry but thats it. Does this mean I need to apply more?

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A few things:

You do not want dryness, flaking or peeling. Those are signs of irritation. If the product is effective, your skin should look healthy and clear. Dryness is just a possibility during the initial induction phase of adjusting to a topical, but this is not a requirement, and should go away anyway. Additionally, since you have only been on The Regimen for 4 days, flaking can and probably will show up later (especially if you decide to glop on product since you think your skin can handle it--that's a recipe for disaster).

Basically, you do not want dryness nor do you want to induce it. That said, most people on The Regimen DO have a lot of flaking initially. The flaking may come, or it may not and you might just be lucky for having resilient skin. Regardless, trust the amount of product and appropriate timeline suggested by Dan.

Note: Too much flaking/peeling can prevent you from clearing, so it's especially important you don't try to force this. If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. Don't worry about it. When/if you DO start flaking, you want to stop it quick: jojoba oil, extra moisturizer, etc.

Just follow The Regimen steps precisely. smile.png

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Thank you so much! Only reason I was worried, is because I would assume flaking is important since its dying out your pimples. I just gotta be patient :) Thank you

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Actually, you need to flake, and flaking is not a sign of irritation. It's a sign of dryness. Your skin will need to be dry to start clearing up. Unless you have extremely oily skin, you will get dry and flakey on the regimen, at least initially.

Once your skin adjusts to the medication, the dryness will subside somewhat. You control the dryness with moisturizer. Dan recommends adding the jojoba to combat dryness. If you have read or watched his videos and blogs, he gets dry too. Test the jojoba oil on a small portion of your face to begin with. I personally break out from jojoba and so do many others. However, there are even more than can use it successfully.

Once you get to using the regimen at full strength, then see if you are dry. Let us know your skin type. Everybody's skin is different and the "regimen" is not one size fits all. You have to tweak medication, moisture, and cleansing to meet your needs.

Good luck!

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