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Instructions For Cleansing/moisturizing While On Accutane?

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Hi all, I've heard some different things both on this forum and elsewhere about how to cleanse and moisturize while on the pill, so I was hoping to get a definitive answer if possible, and to help out others visiting the board. smile.png

I know most people recommend Cetaphil gentle cleanser, and Cetaphil moisturizer, which are the two products I've picked up. The question is, how often and when to use them?

In the past I've always cleansed day & night, but now that I'm starting Accutane I'm thinking maybe that's too much. So is it better to just do it in the day, or just at night, or both after all?

I always tend to moisturize during the day since that's when I'm out, but now I have heard others say they apply moisturizer before bed, is this better? Is it recommended to do it just during the day, just at night, or both? Also, if you were to only cleanse once a day, I'd imagine it would be hard to remove the moisturizer, so that's where I get confused lol.

Once I even put on the moisturizer in the morning, then went to bed that night without washing my face at all, so I didn't wash my face and

had the moisturizer on for like 24 hours straight. Is that okay?

Anyway, that about sums up my questions, thanks for reading and a big thanks in advance for any helpful tips regarding this. :)

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it all depends on what works for you. face washes strip the face of thier natural oils and as accutane is pretty much drying you out, id say once a day to wash is enough with maybe a rinse in the morning to wake you up and make you feel fresh. TO be honest, there is no "definitive" answer as everybodys different. if you feel more comfortable applying moisturiser during the day and it works for you, carry on doing that. i'd say it matters that you moisturise,which you do, not when. anythings okay so long as it works for you in your routine. xx

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Just see how your skin feels. I still wash and moisturize twice a day (okay most of the time, i'm lazy sometimes) and it works fine for my skin, but if you feel like it's too drying, just change up your routine.

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I dont wash my face at all while on tane unless coming from the gym. It's just too irritating for me. When i do i just use the dove moisturizing bar very gently. I also have dove face lotion for men. It works well enough for me. I guess my skin likes dove products

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