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Need To Make A Decision....benzamycin To Epiduo (Tactuo) (Advice?)

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Okay so....I have been using Benzamycin for the last 3 months, and I guess it HAS been working. I had/have mild acne, I guess.

Last year from december - june I had cystic acne on my right cheekbone...went on minocycline, haven't had any cysts there since. I got off minocycline in october, I was on it about 4 months, then I switched to benzamycin cream.

Now, I know that benzamycin has an antibiotic in it, and EVENTUALLY I will get resistant to the benzamycin (I don't know how long that takes, from what i'v read, maybe a year or two?)...anyways....I don't want to be resistant to the antibiotic in the cream....

I went back to the derm, she gave me accutane, I tried it for 5 days, had very bad side effects, came off it. So she then gives me "Tactuo" which is the canadian version of EPIDUO.

Now...I need to decide if I am going to stop the benzamycin, and switch to the epiduo....

I KNOW epiduo will make all the crap in your pores come out and there will be an initial breakout, but at the moment I am inbetween living arragements as I have broken up with my boyfriend, started smoking again, and have been eating CRAP....not taking care of myself....no idea WHAT to DO.

anyone have experience with BENZAMYCIN or EPIDUO and can help me out?

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It's hard to predict what product will work and what won't on individuals. That's why your dermatologist is playing musical chairs with prescriptions justt to find something that works well on you. Benzamycin is antibiotic/benzoyl peroxide combo and Epiduo is a retinoid/benzoylperoxide combo. If your insurance covers epiduo than try it. Epiduo is like using Differin gel with over the counter 2.5% BP. But like you said, you shouldn't expect a lot from topical antibiotic like Benzmycin after a while because it stops working well. Going on a retinoid that works for you for a long term use is always a good idea to manage your acne.

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