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Acne Coming Back, 4/5 Months After Course Finished

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I really just need some advice. Should I get a prescription for something with benzoyl peroxide / salicylic acid. Is there a chance this might work now the acne isn't so bad? (Tried BP + SA and antibiotics all before accutane with little to no results). I'm trying to stay away from accutane, it did not go well with me, suffered 5 months of being depressed/suicidal and I couldn't handle it. Help please.

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My acne all came back after my accutane course as well. Within 6 months my skin was back to exactly how it had been. As well before my course I tried harsh topicals with little to no results. Over the past 3 months I've been making dietary changes and switching to a chemical free skincare approach and have been having great results. Often times acne is caused by an internal source, and topical solutions aren't always the answer. If you really want to try BP or SA you could try these topicals combined with avoiding inflammatory foods. I avoid dairy, refined sugars, high sodium, processed foods, soy, peanuts, and newly citrus fruits. This works much better for me than anything else I have ever tried.

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Usually, there are two outcomes after a course of Accutane: you'll go into long-term remission (cured), or your acne will relapse with a lessened severity (as it seems your's did). Many people go onto maintenance therapy after Accutane (that is, a topical retinoid) even if they're clear, just to guarantee that post-Accutane quality.

If you were on Accutane for 5 months (as I garner from your post), you should clear up fine on BP or SA (assuming your acne isn't as severe). You might want to discuss other long-term solutions with your dermatologist, as well (retinoids, for instance, help in preventing the formation of wrinkles).

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